Is Karmaloop About To Become Kanyeloop?

Boston-based streetwear site, Karmaloop, filed for bankruptcy restructuring last week, but not to worry, Yeezy is on it.

Three days after the announcement, Kanye and Damon Dash, Jay-Z’s former manager and business partner, took to Instagram to make an announcement of their own, saying, “We decided to buy Karmaloop — we just talked about it, it’s gonna happen.”

Well, maybe it’s going to happen. According to an article in the The Boston Globe, chief executive and founder Greg Selkoa, who started Karmaloop in his parent’s basement in Jamaica Plains, says that so far, the three men are still just talking about going into business together.  With “intense interest in our brand,” Selkoa is determined to keep his options open for now.  Sorry, dudes.  Hope y’all kept your champaign un-popped.


In the meantime, Karmaloop’s website will remain open and available for all of your ordering needs.

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