Kari Michelle Blesses Us With Her Top Model Beauty Tips

Miss Tyra Banks might’ve described her as, “Everything is just so wrong on her face. Her mouth is too big for her face, her forehead is huge, her eyes are too far apart, and it adds up to fierce” on ANTM Cycle 21, and although we can’t find anything “wrong” with Kari Michelle, we can definitely agree that she is “fierce.” Kari is currently signed to Next Models where she is continuing to work hard on her goals, but the busy dream achiever found a moment to bless our Galore Girls with some Top Model beauty tips. Check it out below!

Galore Mag Kari Michelle

Your eyeshadow always looks amazing! Do you have any tips to achieving the perfect smokey eye? 

If you’ve ever seen me with a bomb smokey eye, it’s bc a makeup artist did it for me lol! I actually struggle myself with mastering it. But as far as I know, the key is in the blending!

Secret to bold brows?

Let them grow! I’ve actually never had my eyebrows done before! I find it best to let them take their natural shape and pluck the few stray hairs yourself. That way you will have enough hair to create the shape you’re looking for 🙂

You’re always rockin different hair styles. How do you keep your hair long and healthy?

I love changing my hair, I’m never satisfied with one style! For me olive oil shampoo & conditioner is a must. I try not to use too much product or heat on it. Getting your hair trimmed regularly encourages growth and it has always worked wonders for me!

Best face moisturizer for spring?

When I went to Korea I got my hands on some of their moisturizers and have been addicted ever since! Missah Super Aqua Water Supply is my favorite because it’s light but creamy and doesn’t cause breakouts.

Any tips to a highlighted cheek bone?

Highlighting my cheekbones is one of the few things I do everyday. It’s an easy addition to your daily make up that gives your face a lifting glow. I did a beauty shoot for Mica Beauty and they used a light shimmery eyeshadow (discontinued) on me that I fell in love with and use to highlight my brow bone and my cheekbones. They now have a mineral shadow in color “Tease” that works just the same!

Favorite products you’d die without?!

I cannot live without my Jane Iredale BBcream. I use it daily and would be lost without it. The brand uses all natural products so you won’t breakout, yet it still has a coverage close to that of foundation. In addition, I always have to carry Chapstick with me!

Galore Mag Kari Michelle

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