Karen Walker’s Happy House




Yesterday, one of our absolute favorite designers, Karen Walker, presented her best show yet. We’re always hardcore hearting Walker’s classic punk-y pretty designs and zany color combos, the killer kicks, and, of course, the most amazing sunglasses in the universe. But for the New Zealander’s FW13 inspiration, Walker was totally feeling the ’70s punk vibes — specifically paying homage to The Damned and their ’76 single, “New Rose.” Which, duh, explains the collection’s “New Rose” titling. Galore favorite bombshells like Cory Kennedy, Becka Diamond and Chelsea Leyland bobbed their heads to the blaring Siouxsie Sioux whilst leggy models pumped down the blindingly bright-lit runway in the amazing Walker duds. The runway rebels rocked disheveled locks, sherbet-colored eyeliner,  and a whole lotta ‘tude a la Siouxsie.


karen_walker_009_1366.450x675 karen_walker_008_1366.450x675 karen_walker_007_1366.450x675 karen_walker_006_1366.450x675 karen_walker_012_1366.450x675 karen_walker_013_1366.450x675 karen_walker_014_1366.450x675 karen_walker_026_1366.450x675 karen_walker_024_1366.450x675 karen_walker_030_1366.450x675 karen_walker_033_1366.450x675


All photos via Style.com

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