The Kardashians Are Standing By Lamar Odom’s Side, No Matter What

Lamar Odom was taken to the hospital after a booze-and-drug filled weekend at Las Vegas’s legal brothel, Love Ranch. He was full of coke and “herbal Viagra supplements,” and possibly other drugs: the blood work has yet to be confirmed. All of this lead to Lamar suffering multiple strokes and his heart, kidneys and other organs reportedly failing. The Kardashians are all there, including Caitlyn, while Kanye watches over the little ones in LA. Khloe flew out Lamar’s kids and ex-wife, and basketball teammates have been stopping by to give their regards.

It’s a tragedy that we sadly saw coming. No reliable source ever said flat out that Lamar’s crack use was responsible for the demise of Khloe & Lamar, but their divorce was so hush-hush and fishy that it was pretty obvious drugs were involved. Their 2013 divorce was followed by episodes of the Kardashians where Lamar acted straight up erratic, calling every Kardashian to confirm Khloe’s whereabouts and going MIA for an entire month. It was suspicious, but there was no concrete evidence of what was happening…exactly. Now that Lamar’s in the hospital and some of the story is coming out, the Kardashians are being stalked by TMZ and the entire paparazzi even more than usual. In such an emotional time, for the whole family and for Lamar’s young children, this family must be overwhelmed. But of course, the haters of the internet insist that the Kardashians are insincerely outpouring support for selfish purposes: Namely financial gain (since Khloe is the executor of his will) and an increase in publicity (as if they need that). 

Kris and the ever-elusive Rob both Instagrammed asking for support from their fans, just like normal people who ask for the thoughts and prayers of their social-media friends and family in times of tragedy. Sure, this family has resorted to fame-whoring tendencies in the past, but their mega A-List status doesn’t mean that they have no compassion for human life, especially a life that touched all of them so deeply. They’re a close knit family, and fame doesn’t change that. The once-lovable Lamar has been eclisped by darkness, but Khloe always supported him, because a love as deep and true as theirs just doesn’t just go away.

Tyra Banks, we have to agree.

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