Here’s the Kardashians’ Secret to Looking Better on TV

Looking good on camera is notoriously difficult.

Between the camera putting on an extra ten pounds and having to stand under one million bright lights that really bring out the shine on that greasy oil slick better known as your forehead, it’s enough to send a beauty notice into meltdown mode.

But have no fear because the Kardashians are here to help.

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The Kardashians are literally paid thousands of dollars to look good on television and their makeup artist Joyce Bonelli told NY Mag their biggest secret.


“I like to do more matte for HD,” Joyce explained. “I’ve also found that when there’s a nude lip with any bit of coral or pink, those colors get picked up so that it looks like a full-on lip. I like to stay very neutral.”

And when it’s time for the red carpet, after a full day of matte makeup, Joyce explains, “their makeup has set and some of the oil from their skin has even come through, so it looks like perfect skin.”


So the next time you find yourself in front of a camera, don’t freak out, just remember your good ole friends the Kardahsians got you covered.

And by your good ole friends the Kardahsians, we also mean a matte foundation.

Get into it.

[H/T The Cut]

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