What the Kardashians’ Planned Parenthood Outfits Say About Them

On Friday afternoon the Kardashians took a filmed field trip to Planned Parenthood to “raise awareness” and they all took a very different approach when it came to dressing themselves.

Here’s what their Planned Parenthood outfits say about them.

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Kim Kardashian is a Grade-A glamour puss so unlike most people who find themselves paying the ole Planned Parenthood offices a visit, bb girl kept things rich girl realness.

She wore black strappy heels, a long black bodycon dress – ribbed for her pleasure – gold layered necklaces, and a fresh weave.

On the one hand, this outfit suggests that Kim is completely anal about how she appears on camera when she’s just hanging around the house with her fam in track pants.

But I think it’s more of a sign of respect.

When Kim visits companies, she likes to wear heels to show whoever that she’s serious – like when she visited Snapchat headquarters last summer.

But when she visited Snapchat she also wore bike shorts and a leather jacket, so the fact that she put on a dress for Planned Parenthood seems like Kim was doing her best to broadcast how seriously she was treating the visit.

Then again, it’s hard not to take a meeting more seriously when you’re going in to talk politics and not just test out a new filter.



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Kourtney’s brand is not giving a fuck and that’s pretty much what her outfit’s conveying.

Wearing a velvet bralette with a matching pair of velvet leggings and a velvet Adidas jacket, Kourtney’s outfit practically screams, “do I look like I care?”

But you know what – it looks great on Instagram.


TBH, Khloe looks like the only one who’s ever been to a Planned Parenthood before.

She’s wearing leggings, a long baggy-ish tank top, sunglasses and an oversized jacket.

So either she DGAF about the meeting, or she genuinely got confused and thought Kim and Kourtney just wanted to go to Planned Parenthood to pick up condoms or get a sex talk for kicks.

Poor Khlo.

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