Kanye’s ‘Only One’ Video & Our Favorite DILFS

Kanye’s release of his ‘Only One’ video turned many heads not only because we’ve all been awaiting a new Kanye track; but because he featured Paul McCartney and showed us a very sentimental side of Yeezus. You can view the video on West’s website, which features him and his daughter together and has the vibe of a home-video (if your home videos are directed by Spike Lee). How refreshing is it to see that being  a dad can really change someone and make them see what’s important- all without losing their swag of course. Ye’s daddy swag inspired us to create this tribute to some of our favorite DILFs.

Kanye and North West:

Like father, like daughter.

Brad Pitt and The Gang

While adoption is great, it really is a shame that Pitt isn’t spreading his genetics more.

Jay Z and Blue Ivy

Nothing like a father-daughter dance with the king of rap.

Orlando and Flynn Bloom

Bloom is not going to let a kid stop him from keeping his rocking bod.

Cam and Everleigh Gigandet

If only she knew how hot her dad was…

Channing and Everly Tatum

Channing, it’s okay, if Everly isn’t smart enough to run to your arms- we will!


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