Kanye’s FYF Performance Did Not Disappoint, Nor Did Rihanna’s Surprise Appearance

After Kanye West was announced as the replacement for original headliner, Frank Ocean, there were definitely a lot of feelings felt—”I basically bought my ticket to see Frank Ocean in concert,” one festival-goer complained, while being patted down in the security line. After (and during) Kanye’s performance yesterday, however, nobody seemed to have any complaints.

That includes Kanye—he was in great spirits as he jumped around the stage, taking a break to lie down sometimes (he finished out the set belting a heartfelt rendition of ‘Only One’ on his back), brought out Travis Scott for “Antidote” and, in what he said was an on-the-spot decision, pulled Rihanna up from the dancing crowd, passed her the mic, and blessed adoring fans with performances of “All of the Lights” and “Four Five Seconds”. There’s nothing like a surprise secret guest, and Rihanna’s really the best case scenario. “How are ya feeling tonight, Los Angeles?” Kanye asked. Some said Kanye was eager to perform FYF in order to build a connection with the community after recently relocating to Los Angeles. “We feel good!” we screamed back at Kanye. We felt good.


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