Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2 Was Just As Weird As You Thought It’d Be

As soon as Kanye West announced to the world that he wanted to debut Yeezy Season 2 at New York Fashion Week after all, (almost) everybody started to get very excited.  Would Kanye be debuting new music? Would the show be just as weird as the last time? Would North West be there? And would Yeezy Season 2 look just like Yeezy Season 1, but weirder?

The answers to all of the above is absolutely yes.


Just like everything about Yeezy Season 2, the show started late. The first high profile guest to arrive was Drake, and even he showed up a minute after the show was supposed to start. Minutes later, Drake’s new BFF Anna Wintour showed up, and after that the star-studded guest list went on to include Pusha T, Lorde, the entire Kardashian Klan (with the exception of Kylie, who walked for the show), Tyga, Common, 2 Chainz, Riccardo Tisci, and America’s finest morning co-host, Michael Strahan.

Some people have made a lot out of the fact that Kanye put Kendall in the second row, but if you know anything about Kendall, you know that she’s 2 Chainz’s #1 fan, so really, her brother-in-law was just doing her a solid.

Finally, after thirty odd minutes of waiting, the lights dimmed, a sonic booming filled the air, and a pair of overhead fluorescent lights turned on, revealing a barren, white-washed stage.  Almost immediately a woman walked out in an oversized, rust colored sweatshirt and white sneakers, walked to the side of the stage and called out, “First row – fall in.”

Row by row the models, all clad in tan outfits that looked like the result of a ballet class getting stranded in a sandstorm, walked out. When all the models were on the floor, the same woman called out, “Forward march,” and with a “left, left, left right left,” the models walked up to the front, and row by row excused themselves backstage.

Next came the Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid group, dressed in baseball caps, tight leotards paired with oversized sneakers, and baggy sweatshirts with knee-length boots in a taupes, greys, and greens.  As the show progressed, both the skin tones of the models and the hues of their clothing darkened, slowly revealing the full gradient of human beings that love Yeezy Season 2.


Virgilabloh // Instagram

For the grand finale, all the models walked out and in typical Yeezy Season fashion and stood on the stage together, motionless…with the exception of Ian Conner, a short male model who was fidgety and smoking a cigarette for the duration of the show. Just like last time, Kanye let his models stand there while he gave the audience what they’d really come for: a chance to listen to a new song (which has been identified as “Fade” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone).

As the song finished playing, Kanye West walked out to claps and scattered cheers, and then just as quickly as he came in, he walked right back out. The models immediately followed suit, and the fashion show was over.

Unsurprisingly, the world seems divided over what to what of Kanye West’s NYFW show.  Were the clothes representing a new realm of celebrity camouflage, or were they simply homeless chic?  Was the track worth the hype, or was the whole thing just too boring and too weird?

Whatever your opinion, the only thing we can all agree on was that it was totally Kanye.

Watch the show here and decide for yourself.

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