Even Kanye Is Sick of His Feud With Taylor Swift

If you’re done talking about the ongoing saga that is Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s beef, you’re not alone.

The paparazzi caught up with Kanye and asked him about his issues with the singer yesterday. His response wasn’t to elevate the issue, but to point out that there are bigger problems in the world. So diplomatic, Ye!

Here’s what he had to say, in part:

“I want the best for that person. But it’s people going through real issues out here. It’s people that’s out of work. It’s people that’s in debt that can’t make it out of the debt. There’s people in debt that don’t have a shoe. There’s people that’s in debt that don’t have a hit album out, also. The media tries to make this ongoing story and everything for hits. I don’t think people care about me or her in that way. People care about they families, they kids. If you like my music listen to it. If you like her music, listen to it.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Watch the full video below:

Graphic by Mi Gerer

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