Are You A Kim Kardasian Or A Kanye West? It All Depends On How You See #TheDress


Kim Kardashian thought her ass could break the internet, but it turns out a juicy booty is no competition for a dress that makes people question their color vision ability. Your first glance at #thedress reveals how sensitive your color receptors are – it might be blue and black, it might be white and gold. Experts like Kanye West say the dress is obviously blue and black, while team white and gold is slowly conceding the victory despite Kim remaining a hard and fast supporter. It’s really no surprise that Kanye sees the dress more accurately than Kim, her lifetime of bronzing has finally leaked into her bloodstream and now she sees everything with a gold tinge. Apparently, those who see white and gold are overcompensating for the daylight in the picture, which causes your eyes to discount blue and see gold instead. Unfortunately, Kanye’s team is correct in that the dress truly is blue and black. We’re still siding with Kim on this one though, what about you?!


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