Happy Birthday Kanye, New York City Got You An Ice Cream Parlor


Kanye West is a man of few joys: his beautiful baby girl, going on long semi-incoherent rants, taking pictures of his wife’s ass, sharing those pictures with the world (or at least the Internet), and last, but not least, ice cream.

Three years ago, when a paparrazo snapped a picture of Kanye eating ice cream alone in his car, the Internet went absolutely batshit because for once, the man who never smiled in public actually looked happy.  Why this made headlines and sparked at least one handmade sweater is beyond me, but hey, isn’t it nice to know that we live in a country where a celebrity enjoying an inarguably delicious food is newsworthy?

So what better gift to give the man who invented swag for his 38th birthday than by giving the God on earth the ice cream shop of his dreams.


Partnering with New York City’s Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, First We Feast presents: Kanye’s Beautiful But Darkly Lit Ice Cream Parlor.  From now until this Saturday, Yeezus fans and haters alike can treat themselves to deserts such as the “I Am A God Ice Cream Croissantwich”


The ever-so-classy “Bowl Digger”


And last but not least, the explosive “All Day Vanilla Ice Cream Cake”


Love him or hate him, if you live in New York City, this is ice cream that’s worth making the trek to the Lower East Side for.  And hey, if you’re worried about all those empty calories, don’t sweat it.  You know Kanye West has a workout plan for that.  Get it for free.99 here.

Happy birthday week, ice cream God.

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