Kanye West Headlining FYF Now Because Frank Ocean Got Cold Feet

So, I gave some good news and some bad news for all you Frank Ocean fans. The bad news is he still hasn’t finished his new album that he promised you was coming out a month ago. The good news is that instead of disappointing you all by showing up at his headlining gig at Los Angeles F-ck Yeah Festival (otherwise known as FYF) without nothing new to play, he’s just not coming at all.

A statement on FYF’s website read that “Frank Ocean has decided on his own terms to cancel his appearance,” but we all know that’s just the polite way of saying “bitch got cold feet.”

Luckily, since Kanye West is a father now, he had nothing better to do this weekend than fawn over North West and take artful pictures of his dick for Kim, so when he got the cool, he was like, “yeah, I can make myself available for this.  Kanye West is about to be in the building y’all.”  Can’t you tell how excited he is?  It’s #adorable.


Sorry about that.  We swear he was smiling a minute ago.

While some fans are pissed, others are pretty stoked because, let’s be real: Kanye West > Frank Ocean.

Awww, there’s that enthusiasm!  We told you he was happy.

You never know what to expect at a Kanye show: he may bring out a mob and let them get wild with some flamethrowers, he may lay down on the ground and growl into a microphone, and he may just give you all the Seth Rogan treatment and let y’all hear his new album in full. YOU NEVER F-CKING KNOW.

All in all, even though Kanye’s just getting Ocean’s sloppy seconds, it’s not a bad trade.

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