Kanye Deleted His Tweets, Here’s Another Fun Thing To See On Social Media Today

While slightly less exciting than the epic Twitter battle that took place between Kanye West and Whiz Khalifa today, but Jerry Saltz, the New York Mag (and Vulture founder) art critic who wrote a stunningly positive review of Kim Kardashian’s Selfish has already also co-signed this art-stagram @craigslist_mirrors, so now you can enjoy it too. Check this out:


A photo posted by Eric Oglander (@craigslist_mirrors) on

The man behind the mirrors is Eric Oglander, an artist living in Bushwick, who started the account to post pictures of exactly what you think—photographs of mirrors sold on Craigslist that he thought looked cool. Originally formed on Tumblr, the account took off when Jerry Saltz tweeted out that he loved Oglander’s work, and, in what felt like overnight, Oglander’s @craigslist_mirrors went viral. Not only is Oglander’s project proof that there’s some beauty to behold in the skeevy world of Craigslist, but that what feels like your mediocre art school project could actually be more important than what you’re going to see in the museums on an art history field trip. 



old one

A photo posted by Eric Oglander (@craigslist_mirrors) on

and my personal favorite:

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