K. Michelle Knows What You’re Going Through (And Also Knows Drake)

If you’re a reality TV binge-watcher, you’re sure to know K. Michelle from her show K. Michelle: My Life. If you’re more of a Netflix chick, you should still know her for her recent hit “Love ‘Em All,” an awesome song about seeing multiple boys at a time to avoid a broken heart. In fact, her whole album is super relatable for any woman who’s had boy troubles (aka every one in the world). We chatted with K. Michelle about her upcoming tour, My Twisted Mind; her latest album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?; and the ultimate advice for girls with man problems.


Tell us some of the inspiration behind Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?
Life and situations. I was going through a break up at that time and I needed to handle it somewhere. A lot of my fans like me because of my honesty and I wanted to be very honest about this album, it was just about my life.

It seems from your songs that you’ve had some bad experiences with men (as we all have), what’s some advice you have for girls dealing with shitty dudes?
Let them be shitty and you need to go be great, you can’t make someone be right for you. The longer that you try, the longer you are standing in the way of meeting the person you’re supposed to be with.

Why Drake in the song ‘Drake Would Love Me?”
Because he’s a friend of mine, and so many women like him. I see him as a friend, I thought it was something very creative because I remember having my crushes and thinking he would be the best man and not do anything bad, but in reality nobody is perfect.

What’s something that people may not realize comes with having your own reality show?
That the cameras are not following you all day long. People think you can’t go to the store and just talk to them. It’s a full production, cameras aren’t just hiding somewhere under the clothing rack.


What’s the worst part about being filmed all the time?
People feel like they have a right to judge you and judge your life when their life is probably way more messed up, but because yours is on TV people focus on yours and they try to correct you.

Was it always your plan to use these reality shows as a platform to further propel your career?
Yes, that was the only way I did it. I used reality to reintroduce myself and allow fans to get more in detail with me so they could better understand the music and me.

How do you balance your family, your show, and your music obligations?
It’s very difficult, but when you wanna do something, you wanna take care of ur family, you don’t hang on to excuses. You make it happen and get it done.


Photo Credit Jimmy Fontaine

My Twisted Mind tour starts next month, what are you most excited for?
Just my staging. It’s a lot of growth in this album and the tour and in my performance and I’m just ready to sing random songs and see how the fans react to them, they have time to sing along with me because they’ll have heard the album at this point which I am excited for.

How do you stay on point for every show while on tour? Resting? Diet?
I sleep a lot, you need that, it’s very important. I try to keep my stress levels down and watch after my boys, so I’m always wrapped up. Vocal warm-ups all the time and just paying close attention to any sickness and trying to knock it out as soon as I can.

What do you do in your down time to relax?
Sleep. I’m starting to feel like an old lady, on an off day like yesterday, I slept the entire day. I refuse to leave the hotel.

Do you have any habits or rituals that you do before you step on stage?
Candles, I like roses everywhere, I like it quiet. I like to be in my head, no loud rap or anything like that, if it’s music it’s going to be very calming, I like a spa like environment.


Photo Credit Jimmy Fontaine

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