Nightlife Legend Justine D Talks Changing Careers & Following Passions

DJ Justine D has been a long time favorite of nightlife royalty. She’s cool, fashionable, and knows how to spin better than most. While Justine has made a name for herself amongst NYC party goers, she’s decided to try out a new passion – cooking! However drastic of a career change you see it, for Justine it’s completely logical. A girl can’t help her passions after all. Checkout this slash girl’s journey from DJ to Foodie, below!


For years we have been familiar with your legendary NYC parties, tell us about your new ventures. 

I love nightlife but decided a couple years ago to take a break from it. Now I focus on DJ’ing corporate events for fashion, food and lifestyle clients. For fun, I’ll DJ at night a few times a month for friends who throw eclectic, wacky parties and that is always visually and sonically gratifying. My friend Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem) and I have a monthly residency at the McCarren Hotel in Williamsburg which runs late night and I usually get my nightlife fix doing that. I’ve also done some freelance food writing for Food & Wine and would like to start writing for other publications.

What inspired you to pursue baking?

I suppose my love of eating desserts inspired me to pursue baking. It really seemed like the next logical step to take in life. I have many other interests besides music and have always pursued them on the side so baking was one of those hobbies that morphed into an obsession. Like music, baking creatively fulfills me and anything that can make a person feel so strongly, is always worth exploring.

What’s on your playlist while you’re baking?

I have a pretty wide range of musical tastes so it runs the gamut genre wise but lately I’ve been listening to Fela Kuti, the Ethiopiques record series, David Bowie is always on heavy rotation as well. For newer music, I like the latest Dum Dum Girls LP, oh, and I still listen to a lot of Donna Summer and Chic. I’m a sucker for mainstream Disco. I’ve also been listening to early Madonna demos, which are amazing and very raw. It really captures this stripped down synth sound New York had in the early 80’s. Look for a song called “Stay” from 1981.

If you can be remembered for just 1 thing what would it be?

I’d like to be remembered for having impeccable taste in music, of course.

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