Justin Bieber Does Best Possible Thing (For Once?)


As of yesterday, the internet doesn’t completely hate Justin Bieber! The Skrillex and Diplo collaboration duo “Jack Ü, titled “Where Are Ü Now” dropped and it features the world’s most hated Canadian boy. I honestly think it’s great (then again, I’m a Belieber 8 days a week) so if you haven’t heard it, check it out below. While you’re at it, check out these other videos to remind yourself that Biebs isn’t as bad as the world makes him out to be.

1. Pitchfork critic writes, “I’m not saying this song will make you feel for Justin Bieber, but it might make you consider that Justin Bieber has feelings, which is kind of incredible in itself.” I find this considerably short-sighted, but whatever it takes for you to convert, man.

 2. I know it’s kind of creepy that he’s following the girl around, and Chance the Rapper’s verse on this is utterly pointless—but you have to admit, the song is catchy.

3. Because, throw it back. 

4.  I sincerely wonder if Big Sean and Justin Bieber ever discuss having done this song together. Is that erased from pop culture history? Will I regret posting this? 

5. I actually think this song sucks (and I’m pretty sure the world agrees), but I get a lot of pleasure out of watching Nicki and Justin interact with each other. And I’m kind of fascinated by the whole DIY pretend-this-video-is-stolen-footage thing.

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