We Heard Justin Bieber’s New Single Before it Got Taken Down — and Yes, He Raps On it

A brand new Justin Bieber song was leaked on YouTube this morning — and it had a surprise mini-rap-verse from the Biebs.

The song is called “I’ll Be There,” and it’s not on the Purpose album. The YouTube clip came from an apparently fake JustinBieberVevo account (for comparison, here’s his real Vevo). It’s gone now and has been replaced by a claim from Universal Music Group that the video was violating a copyright, which pretty much confirms it’s the real deal — UMG wouldn’t be making a copyright claim if it wasn’t indeed a Bieber song.

This is not to confused with a slow jam Bieber teased on Instagram yesterday, BTW. This one was more of a banger — but we digress.

The whole thing’s very mysterious and it’s hard to say whether we’ll ever get to hear the song again. But some lucky people (this writer included) benefited from the apparent fuckup and got to hear the song in its entirety — including a super-short rap verse from Bieber himself.

Our one-sentence summary: the song sounded like Purpose and N*SYNC’s No Strings Attached had a baby and then invited Big Sean to the christening to act as the baby’s godfather. 

In full, Justin’s verse reads as follows:

“So I’m laid back in a Maybach
damn these seats go way back
I was thinking about way back
when we used to say that
I was yours and you were mine
and we fought to pass the time
then I realized… I realized
that we’re”

And then just as quickly as Justin Bieber starts rapping, he promptly slides back into singing, as if to say, “Yeah, I was only kidding about that rap thing. Sorry.” As you can see below, the video’s not working but Bieber is looking fine in the screengrab, even with the YouTube triangle thing harshing his vibe.

While there’s still a chance “I’ll Be There” will make its way back onto the Internet someday, there’s also a chance that the song will go down in history as one of pop culture’s lost treasures. 

Oh well. Until Justin Bieber decides the world is ready to hear him rap again, at least we can look back on his rap verse in the oft-forgotten guilty pleasure jam “Lolly” to get us through this time of deprivation.

May you live to be “all fancy” and “popping Pelligrino” again, Justin.

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