Surprise Surprise, Justin Bieber Is Acting Like A Dick In Public Again

We all know that Justin Bieber has a big dick, but it turns out he’s an even bigger dick himself.  Even though we’re supposed to be living in an era of a new, and very apologetic, Justin Bieber, given the fact that Justin just had 2 very public meltdowns in under 24 hours, it’s clear that he doesn’t really know how to walk the walk yet.

The trouble all started on Wednesday when the Biebs walked out of an interview on Spanish radio station 40 Principales when he was asked if he’d like to help the show’s hosts “break the Internet.” Although when he first stood up, it seemed like he was super down to participate, after he left the room and didn’t come back for a couple of minutes, it was clear that he’d pulled a classic Dad: always disappearing just when you counted on him the most.

To be fair, things weren’t going very well before then either, as Justin was forced to answer the same questions he’s already answered a million times like, does he drink and go out now that he’s legal and is he sorry about being a superstar. I mean, hello, did they not listen to his latest single? No wonder the Biebs was so huffy.

But you know how they say, once you pop the fun don’t stop? Yeah, well apparently the same is true when it comes to diva behavior. During a television performance yesterday in Oslo, Norway, one of Justin’s many, many teenage beliebers got a little too enthusiastic about being in such close proximity to her masturbation fodder idol, that she spilled something onstage. While Justin tried to wipe it up, another “fan” thought it would be funny to block him. Like, can you believe that? Somebody has the nerve to interfere with his authority at his own damn concert? Kids these days. Obviously, Justin Bieber had to show that he wouldn’t tolerate such tomfoolery in the future, and so with a dismissive, “Never mind. I’m done. I’m not doing the show,” Justin Bieber once again stormed off into the wide, wide world.

Although Justin Bieber later posted a lengthy apology on Instagram where he attributed “long days no sleep, while having to be ‘on’ as they would say for cameras fans etc” to his erratic behavior. He went on to assure his fans that “in no way did I mean to come across mean,” reminding us all that he doesn’t “always handle things the right way.” No kidding.

Clearly, in this specific instance it wasn’t too late to say sorry, but there’s only so long he can keep saying sorry before even those most diehard belieber moves on.

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