Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Aren’t Dating, Just Making Out In Public

Unless you’ve spent 2016 enjoying all the gifts the IRL world has to offer, chances are you’re fully aware that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are vacationing together.  Much like my parents, for the past week Justin, Justin’s family, and Justin’s friends have been ringing in 2016 by hardcore chilling in the Caribbean.  Unlike my parents, Justin Bieber’s menagerie of friends included 19-year-old model Hailey Baldwin.  Obviously the Internet had some questions.

Rumors about a potential Jailey situation have been circulating the Internet since 2014 when Justin Bieber was first starting to record Purpose, but it’s one thing when you’re hanging out in LA and another thing when you’re going on vacation together and posting make out photos on Instagram for the world to see. 


While Justin and Hailey’s official word is that they’re not dating, just BFFs who have known each other since they were 13, TMZ maintains that the two  “were making out for everyone to see at a New Year’s Eve party thrown by Richie Akiva at a villa in St. Barts.”

While it is a fact that the woman in the photo is Hailey (a photo of the model taken 1 hour before Justin’s confirms she was in fact wearing short shorts and a white crop top), there’s no promise that the photo isn’t as fake as a Justin Bieber apology.  After all it’s not like Justin hasn’t trolled us before when it comes to his love life. 

Still, whether Justin and Hailey are secretly dating, friends who make out sometimes or none of the above, here’s to another year of wild speculation about Justin Bieber’s love life.  May some things never change.

All photos via Justin Bieber’s highly informative Instagram account AKA my #1 source for breaking news.

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