Happy B-Day Justin: Here’s 5 Of Bieber’s Hottest Moments

Happy 21st to the man-child that causes girls to swoon all over the world. Now that Justin Bieber is officially 21 years old, we cannot wait to see what kind of ruckus he causes. Although this year was filled with plenty of times that the heart breaker proved to be mega lame, there were many times he looked mega HOT. Check out the Biebs’ 5 hottest 20 year old moments below!

1. We all know he looks good blonde… do not deny it.


2. The man/boy cleaned up nicely at this year’s Amfar Gala.

3. His douche-tude DEFINITELY works when given to the paps.

4. He looks good climbing on top of super model Lara Stone in his CK ads.


5. Any dude who holds hands with Naomi is a WINNER.


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