Justin Bieber And Ruby Rose Just Had A Major Twin Moment At The EMAs

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose are basically twins. Even though Ruby Rose doesn’t have a dick to publicly display while on vacation, there’s an uncanny resemblance between the tattooed, baseball-cap wearing celebrities (and you’ve probably thought about having a crush on at least one of them).


Ruby Rose // Instagram


Ruby Rose // Instagram

Still, even though they’re totally twins, neither of them was trying to go for a twinning look at MTV’s European Music Awards awards last night…but they totally matched anyway.

In case you didn’t spend your Sunday night with your eyes glued to a live stream of the EMAs, allow me to paint a visual picture for you. As the co-host of the EMAs, Ruby Rose was already inside and giving Ed Sheeran (the award show’s other co-host) some last minute advice on how to look cool when Justin Bieber showed up wearing an outfit that literally matched the red carpet.

After a performance of his hit song “What Do You Mean?” where he neither cried, noticeably messed up the choreography, nor flew, Justin Bieber walked up a flight of stairs to accept one of four awards he would end up winning that evening, and in the process discovered just how hard he was twinning with Ruby Rose.

“Can I just say I got like 10 outift changes, and I made sure none of them were Bieber-esque,” said Rose.  “How are we both wearing red and white right now?”

“I feel like you copied me,” Bieber said.

“I was rehearsing before you,” she argued.

“I had this first!” Bieber said defensively.

Although Justin Bieber failed to substantiate that claim, like a good older sister/twin, Ruby Rose quelled the budding argument by admitting, “you may look better than me.” Keyword: may.


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