Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande Just Upgraded Your Favorite Song

Besides some rapey undertones, Justin Bieber‘s “What Do You Mean” is a perfectly fine song.  It’s melodic, it’s fun, it’s catchy, or as my friend Ahmad likes to say, it sounds like music to his ears.

Still, this is America: land of the free and home of the super size happy meal.  Why should you settle for a perfectly fine burger when for a few cents more, you can upgrade your dining experience to a level of excellence you hadn’t known was possible?  OK, so clearly I’m PMSing, but this is all my not so subtle way of saying that Ariana Grande is about to be to Justin Bieber what super sizing is to McDonalds.  Err, that didn’t come out so well either.  Let me try once last time: Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are coming out with a remix of Justin Bieber’s lead single for his forthcoming album “Purpose“.  Much better.

Justin and Ariana have been friends (and maybe more) for years now, and given the amount of crossover in their fan base (not to mention the fact that both artists have albums coming out within the next month), this collaboration is no-brainer.  Expect lots of diva runs and half-baked sexual tension.  It’s not even Halloween, but it seems like Christmas has come early this year.

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