You’re Just A Hook-Up Buddy, Don’t Get Confused


One thing I’ve noticed about men is that they like to feel wanted, like anyone else. But they take it to the extreme sometimes. For some odd reason, men believe that women are emotional and get attached and want every guy to be their Prince Charming. Which can be true… BUT when they meet a bad bitch who can shut it down and doesn’t stroke their ego, the delusions start.

For example, I remember my first ever fling where I straight up told the guy I didn’t want to be with him. I had just gotten my heart torn apart and didn’t have time for the bullshit. I figured, sex is nice…why not try an uncomplicated friends with benefits relationship? Wrong. I did what I did: only contacted him to hook up, kept my distance and was straight to the point.

Soon this fool starting telling me he felt like I was catching feelings? And this was after me cursing him out for always leaving trash in my car (disrespectful asshole). I was like WTF? What does me telling you not to throw trash in my back seat have to do with wanting to be with you? Dude, I don’t even like you as a person and all we do is have sex AFTER 11 pm. I knew what it was but his assumption that I didn’t, pissed me off.

Another laughable moment with this guy is when we just finished hooking up and I was putting on my clothes. He randomly says, “You can’t stay here.” And I’m like mother f*cker, I’m putting my clothes on and leaving! Like he had to say something, anything to make it seem like I wanted him or was “catching feelings”. I had to cut him off. A year later he still finds ways to contact me without even having my number. Talk about the “chase”.

Another situation where I did the same thing. Kept my distance, minded my own damn business, got the goods and dipped. I’m hit with, “You know, I’m not looking for a girlfriend…”. And we already f*cking established that. I don’t need to be reminded. Am I overstepping boundaries? No. Am I saying I love you? No. Why do you keep bringing up relationships when you don’t want one? It’s like these men can’t believe that you’re not trying to lock them down. It’s ridiculous. I’ve had other instances too. It’s strange.

Why can’t it just be simple? I respect you, you respect me. Let’s get what we both desire and go home until next time. But nope. I’m just like…I’ve had sex before and it isn’t going to make me fall in love with you. I’m sure there are plenty of women who get attached and want more but I’m not one to plan a wedding off of a few mediocre quickies!

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