Just Blaze Gives Us 6 Tips For Ladies Trying To Get A Man At The Club

Last night, despite the rough weather conditions (5 minutes of rain) I went to the launch of the new weekly Thursday party “House Party, at Webster Hall. As for it’s resident DJs, the party boasts Just Blaze, Va$htie & Electric Punanny amongst other peeps. Firstly: the party was SO FUN. Secondly: everyone should go every week. Lastly and most importantly: I interviewed THE producer extraordinaire Just Blaze before his (epic) set last night, and he shared with us his tips for women at club, the evolution House Party and what’s coming up next for him.


Photographs by Homer Parkes

Firstly, what are your 5 tips for women meeting guys at the club?
– Oh man, keep it classy.
– Be yourself,
– Wear whatever represents you.
– If you’re out to meet a guy, probably shouldn’t be looking for him in the club.
– You can meet guy a club, but if you goo n a mission guys smell blood- and those are the guys you want to avoid.

How did you get involved with the house party event?
I’d been building with Webster Hall the idea off a new Thursday night party. There hadn’t been anything new on thursday nights in a while, on a large scale or really diverse.

Are you from NY?
Originally from New Jersey, but I’ve been in NY for like 15 years.

So you’re deeply involved in NY culture, how has DJing related to your producing career?
I started as a DJ, where I learned how to produce, but it wasn’t till I was known as a producer that people started knowing me as a DJ.

What’s been the moment in your career when you’ve been like, OMG this is the best thing to happen to me ever?
My entire careers kind of been like that. I never thought I’d be here. The whole ride has been awesome.

So in terms of the other people DJing, have you worked with Vashtie, Electric Punanny before? The party has a very family appeal.
Everyone that’s here has worked with each other run some capacity. It’s all fam.

What’s coming up next for you?

What are you looking forward to most about this NY Summer?
Weather. This winter has been brutal.

Interview by @FrankieFatGold



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