Junk Food Can Be Vegan Too

I have been a vegetarian since I was 13, and no I do not miss meat, I don’t even remember the taste of it to be honest. Being vegetarian does not mean that I am a tofu crazed health freak who can’t go out to eat with her friends or indulge in cake on my birthday- it just means that I happen to eat a lot of tofu. I try to eat vegan as often as possible, and if there is one thing I have learned from this lifestyle, it is that there isn’t a single food in existence that does not have a delicious vegan version of itself. So for those vegan foodies out there (or even nonvegetarians who just want a fun adventure), here are some of our favorite junk foods, made vegan!

Chili Fries
Galore Mag - Vegan Junk Food

Any french fry will do to start (as long as they’re not McDonalds as those are cooked in animal fat-ew), it’s the chili that needs tweaking. But don’t worry, it’s surprisingly easy! Try and let your world be changed.

Galore Mag - Vegan Junk Food

Cheesecake is my favorite cake for many reasons. One being that it is delicious but aside from that it can be customized almost any way you imagine! Good news? has both of those qualities as well.

Bacon Burger
Galore Mag - Vegan Junk Food
Literally all you need for this one is a veggie burger and some veggie bacon- problem solved, it’s delicious.

Hot Fudge Sundae
Galore Mag - Vegan Junk Food
As long as you have some coconut milk ice cream and , there is no reason not to still have those awesome sundae dates that you love.

Chicken and Waffles

Galore Mag - Vegan Junk Food
Because we all love , even vegans!

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