EXCLUSIVE: Julietta Teamed Up With Body Language To Remix Her Track “Conquest”

Julietta is new to the electronic music world, and she’s going to be there for a while. Upon listening to her debut EP Conquest, you can’t help but understand Julietta’s feelings from her sultry, calming voice and array of emotional lyrics. Different from most lady-pop vocals, there’s a darkness within her EP that simply makes her music…cool. Lucky for our #GaloreGirls, Julietta teamed up with Body Language to remix her track “Conquest,” and we are premiering it right here, right now.

What were you feeling when you wrote “Conquest”? What does it mean to you?

When I wrote Conquest with Stray Echo, I went through a wave of emotions–starting with pain and anger moving towards confidence and self worth. The guy who I wrote this song about was able to bring me down with betrayal and manipulation, but at the same time brought me up by teaching me lessons of not letting people walk all over me. I learned that when people mistreat you, it isn’t because you did something wrong or you weren’t good enough, it’s because they have insecurities that don’t allow them to let love in. Instead of being upset by his betrayal and false affection, I felt empowered because it made me stronger, and it taught me not to let a toxic person bring me down. Success and happiness are the best revenge.

How did your Body Language remix come about?

Body language and I have been working on a collaboration track together, and when they heard “Conquest,” they were fans. The rest is history!

What’s your favorite memory from recording your EP?

I recorded my EP at my manager/co-writer Stray Echo’s apartment in Williamsburg. Super chill and homey vibes. My favorite memory is when we found our song titles in Stray Echo’s book collection. We would open a book at a random page and find words to use, like conquest!

What can we expect from Julietta next? Any shows or tours planned?

I’m already cooking up my next EP, as well as releasing a single, “Fearless,” in the fall. There definitely will be shows at the end of the Summer or beginning of Fall in New York and Los Angeles.

Who are your favorite new musicians right now?

My favorite new musicians right now would definitely be Banks, Wet, MØ, Tove Styrke, and Jungle.

If you could collab with anyone who would it be?

Definitely Josef Salvat, Flight Facilities, Disclosure, St Lucia, Kygo, Hozier–there are so many I can’t choose one!

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Don’t give up because hard work pays off, even if you aren’t getting paid for your art yet. I know it’s difficult working on something you love for so long and not seeing any real movement, but you are constantly growing and getting to know yourself as an artist throughout that process. The growth never stops. When it’s your time you will know. Make sure you aren’t taken advantage of! Try and build professional, but also personal relationships with the artists and people you work with so that you may reach a deeper level of respect and care.

Stream Julietta’s entire EP HERE.

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