Model And PR Guru Julia Roche Tells Us What To Check Out In Tokyo

Julie Roche is a rare breed—she’s Japanese-French model who also works in public relations. She’s the head of PR for American Apparel in Japan, and also happens to be an expert on the best American Apparel clothes you can buy, and also the coolest things to do in Japan. Below, she gives her take on the best of the brand, and what to do if you only have 24 hours in Tokyo.

Galore Mag Julia Roche

You model for American Apparel and billboards/posters of you are seen all around the world. How do you feel about that?

Actually, I didn’t even know that they were using me as a store window graphic, I realized it when I was traveling to NY for vacation and was in a cab going back to the hotel after a crazy night out with my boyfriend, I was like that person looks familiar, and realized it was an American Apparel store, it was quite exciting, especially since it was a surprise.

You’re also the head of PR of American Apparel Japan. What’s it like working there?

It’s amazing, we are a very intentional team, we have people from France, US, Australia, Korea, China and Thailand. Most of them are my really good friends. At the office the teams are not separated by department, so I think the communication is smooth, it’s always better to talk face to face. Since a lot of people on the team are young, we are a flexible company. Our ideas matter, this is very rare in Japan.

What’s your favorite American Apparel item you own? And why?

This is a tough question, I would have to pick the 2001 T-shirt, it’s a basic T-shirt that I use everyday.

What are 3 items from American Apparel you couldn’t live without?

I would say Tennis Skirt, AA lingerie and the High-Waist Jean.

Can you tell us something/a story about Tokyo?… specifically something crazy, since it’s an insane city.

I was walking on the street and a guy asked me to punch him and hit him, this happened twice actually lol

If someone were to have only 24 hours in Tokyo, what should he or she do?

I would recommend to check out the Nezu museum, they have an amazing Japanese garden, that you can’t miss. Have lunch at Beacon and, if you want to go shop I would recommend  K3&co,  Toga, Undercover and Opening ceremony Japan.  For dinner I would recommend 2 Rooms (they have a nice terrace) or Jomon in Roppongi. Kanetanaka a restaurant in Omotesando is a really nice place too.

You have a very high fashion look. Would you give us any tips on how to be as sophist acted and well dressed as you?

I don’t know if I have a very high fashion look, but I would say I usually don’t wear any make up but just lipstick and like mixing my mothers clothes, she has amazing pieces of Yamamoto Kansai or I like to just wear a simple classic T-shirt with jeans and a good leather bag.

What’s your favorite club in Tokyo; a must-visit place?

I don’t party so much anymore but I would recommend Trump Room in Shibuya, R2 in Roppongi and Berry in Daikanyama.

Do you have any crazy stories from the American Apparel office?

Hahaha, I do but it would be confidential.

Lastly, is there any must-have item from American Apparel this season?

The Adia Dress, it’s a very summery dress, very comfortable but at the same time a little sexy.

Galore Mag Julia Roche

Galore Mag Julia Roche

Photography and Interview by Maya Kibbel

Clothing by American Apparel and O-Mighty

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