Joywave Talk Bond Babes, Man Crushes & How They Feel Now

Rochester band Joywave is taking over 2015 with their new record, How Do You Feel Now?. The boys just finished an exciting tour opening for Jack Antonoff’s (of Fun) band Bleachers and are ready to sit back and enjoy some time off while their dynamic LP hits the shelves. This break also gives the boys some time to catch up on Netflix—while we were busy binge-watching Netflix OG series, Joywave was opening for sold-out crowds across the country!

Joywave - How Do You Feel Now? -  Bleachers - Galore - Mag

Shannon: Tell me about the tour – what was it like opening for Bleachers? Any wild tour nights?

Daniel: The tour was really good! Nothing too crazy or wild happened because the band we were working with have all been touring for a while. No crazy antics, really, we were mostly pretty organized.

Joseph: There was one show in Detroit where stage space was very, very small. Bleachers had a ton of backline stuff on there, and we actually couldn’t fit on the stage. So our bass player and our keyboard player, Sean and Ben, went up on the balcony and played their instruments there. We had to split up the squad.

S: Describe some of the sights, smells and sounds of your tour van.

Sean: Jerkey, Cheddar and sour cream potato chips. All emanating from where Paul is sitting.

D: There was a power inverter above the driver’s seat for a TV, and it was malfunctioning the entire tour. So for four weeks there was this terrible sound. Eventually Paul got crafty, went in there and undid the screws. Thank God for Paul.

S: Now that tour is over, do you have some Netflix to catch up on?

D: I have to watch all the Better Call Saul episodes.


S: Me too! Have you gotten around to House of Cards yet?

D: I managed to get enough hotel WiFi to watch that on tour. Season 3 wasn’t nearly as good though.

S: I hear you, in the sense that it’s definitely a slower pace.

D: No one dies! We need more murders.

S: Then maybe you need to watch Scandal.

D: Are there murders?

S: So many. It’s the best soap opera I have ever seen. I just finished the last episode today and kind of don’t know what to do with my life. Moving on—let’s talk about your new record. I have a cheesy question: How Do You Feel Now? that your record is about to be released?

D: No one’s ever asked us that! Good. We’re extremely excited. We finished recording last May, actually, so it’s been a long time coming.

J: I think it’ll be a relief too, because most of the songs we play at our show are from the album. People have never heard them before, so now it’ll be a familiar thing when people go.

S: I’m stoked. That’s how I feel.

S: Good feelings. Now since you’re our Galore crush, who are some of yours?

J: Any woman who played a Bond girl in the ‘60s definitely—classy and old-fashioned.

D: Ariana Grande.

S: What’s-her-face that was in Wolf Of Wall Street [Margot Robbie].

J: Guy is easy, John Hamm.


Mad Men - Don Draper - John Hamm - Joywave

S: Have you watched the new Mad Men?

D: The amount of babes is insane.

S: Who’s the new dude I love on SNL…Kyle Mooney? He’s my man crush for sure.

B: Have we switched to men? I mean, I’m okay with that, I guess.

What’s your dream festival lineup?

D: This is easy. It would just be Hangout Fest this year. Joywave is playing, Foo Fighters are playing…


Interview & Photos by Shannon Kurlander

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