Peep The Newest Joyrich Collab And See How To Wear It At Coachella

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Joyrich‘s newest collaberation is with the quirky cartoon icon Felix The Cat. The collection was inspired by motocross, and features essentials like baseball jackets, tanks, and oversized sweatshirts all emblazoned with the face of the beloved cartoon kitten. We got a sneak peak at the Felix collection and asked Joyrich creative director Kelsey Dolberry about her favorite pieces and wearing Felix to Coachella! Scroll to see the lookbook and have all your most pressing Felix questions answered!

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Why Felix The Cat? Why not some other, more well known cartoon icon?

Being that we have already collaborated with Disney and Mickey Mouse in past Joyrich collections, we wanted to think outside of the box with our next collaboration. Felix the Cat is a classic cartoon character with a fun and funky personality that matches perfectly with the Joyrich aesthetic.

What are the best Felix pieces for festival season?

Most definitely the Felix the Cat tank top and skirt ! It’s the perfect outfit to keep cool and cute in the dry weather.

What’s your hands-down favorite piece from the collection?

My favorite piece from the collection is the all over print, over sized Felix the Cat tee shirt ! It’s perfect for guys, and even girls can wear it as an over sized loose dress. Its very versatile .

How would you style, say, a Felix sweatshirt to make sure you don’t look like a kindergartener in her favorite duds?

It’s actually pretty easy. If you accessorize your favorite Felix pieces in a mature direction, I promise you will not look like a kindergartener on the first day of school.

What part did motocross play in designing the collection?

Designed by David Melgar, The Felix the Cat collection was inspired by motocross apparel with a street flare. Being inspired by motocross from a graphical standpoint and how graphics are paneled, David wanted to take that aesthetic and infuse it with a casual wear and fabrics for an everyday use.

What’s the best vibe to channel at Coachella? Ultra cool or boho with edge?

The best vibe to channel at Coachella would definitely be ultra cool! The boho look is an easy go-to look that the majority of the Coachella go-ers will be doing. So why not set your self apart from the rest and give something different and outside of the box?

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