Bombshell Joy Corrigan Gives Her Hot Bod Secrets

International bombshell Joy Corrigan chatted with us about her favorite fitness tips. She talks workouts, clean eating and explains how to stay healthy on your busiest of days. The babe knows her stuff and has the body to prove it! Read our interview below.


What do you think about the Gluten Free fad?

Gluten rocks! The more the better lol. Actually, so many people don’t have true gluten allergies, but may have gluten sensitivity. I say get an allergy test to see if you should avoid it. Other than that, it’s high glycemic, so I try to eat it in moderation instead of asking for extra gluten on my pizza!

What’s one health trend that is absolute BS? 

I say the majority of the health trends out there are so far fetch, most of them are mainstream and based on marketing strategies instead of scientific facts. In my opinion, if you see “fat-free” and “sugar-free” on any label, you should avoid it! The products are most likely filled with other crap that is way worse for you than sugar and fat in the long run! You need good fats, and fruits that have plenty of sugar that give you energy! Make sure to read all nutrition labels to find out what you are really putting in your body! 

What’s the best piece of health advice you’ve ever been given? 

Don’t count calories, instead fill up on as many fruits and veggies as you want! When you are filling your stomach up with junk food, you actually are increasing your appetite. Your body is craving essential nutrients that won’t be found in fast-food, sugary drinks, and other guilty pleasure foods! I eat so many fruits and veggies (loaded with fiber, protein, vitamins, and essential nutrients) in one day, people probably think I’m crazy! But it helps me to stay full and have energy. Plus, I hate counting calories anyway!

What advice do you have for girls who are struggling to change their diet and exercise routines? 

Don’t give up! If you skip a few days of working out, don’t quit working out altogether. Just remember to love yourself first, then focus on improving! It’s super hard for me to eat healthy, always being on the road, but small everyday changes can help you towards your health goals; choose a side of veggies, instead of those piping hot truffle fries. Ok, maybe one fry won’t hurt!

What’s the best way to exercise without feeling like you’re exercising?

Well, there is the obvious answer, but I’m going to go with shopping! Every time I want to burn more calories, I call up one of my girlfriends and we have a shopping day. Carrying bags, walking around, and catching up on gossip is a lot harder than it looks!

What do you do when you go to the beach with your friends and they refuse to go in the water?

Bring the water to that friend of course! And make sure it’s super cold 😉 After you’re already wet, it’s easier to take a dip in the ocean.

How can you eat healthy on a budget?

Limit your trips to Whole Foods haha! Instead, you can go to the local farmers market or fruit stands in your town. They sometimes offer better prices for more quantity, and you can feel good about buying from all those hard-working local farmers.

What’s the best exercise that encourages boob growth?

Definitely have your boyfriend or friend massage them at least four times per day! I swear it works!

What’s one thing you miss eating, but had to sacrifice to get healthy?

I prefer to work out instead sacrificing things I love! You can be healthy and have your cake too! As long as it’s not cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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