Jourdan Dunn’s Cooking Up A Storm




I must confess: I’ve boiled water approximately seven times and I’ve never turned on my oven. I’ve considered storing my shoes in there — a brilliant tip which I learned from Carrie Bradshaw — but that’s still on my to do list along with paying last month’s rent. Also, I once left my gas stove on for an hour or three after an unfortunate omelette-making attempt. I even lit a candle wondering what the questionable odor overtaking my apartment was. Thankfully, my cat survived, but hasn’t been sane since.

Leave it to supermodel Jourdan Dunn to do the unthinkable and get me to put on my unopened kitchen mittens!! JK. But I have experienced severe droolage after repeatedly watching as Dunn makes Cantonese duck. You can do the same by heading over to Jay-Z’s Life + Times, which broadcasts an online cooking show, amazingly called ‘Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn’. Mind-blowing, I know.

Sign me up ASAP for those yummy cooking lessons, Ms. Dunn. I’ll bring the wine.

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