Jorja Pins Might Be Our Favorite Accessories… Ever

A denim jacket is just a denim jacket, until you add a little bit of your soul into the mix. That’s how items become style signatures. One way to do that is with accessories, and Jorja Pins is here to call your attention to an often overlooked accessory that could soon be coming back in a big way. That little thang is nothing more than a tiny laminated picture with a needle attached to the back: a pin. What’s so great about the pins? They can be transferred from outfit to outfit, sure, but most of all they say something about the wearer’s values, kind of like how a bumper sticker expresses the sentiments a driver wants the world to see. If pins are the bumper stickers of the wardrobe, the pins Jorja designs are the type we want to be wearing. Think sweet but just sickly enough to make it interesting. So we turned to Jorja to learn how and why we should all be making a conscious effort to incorporate pins into our daily wardrobe.
How did you start designing pins? Why are they the best accessory?

I was a lover of pins from a young age: I grew more and more and I began to create pins of various sizes, with time I added more gadgets, custom mirrors, key chains, magnets and many more of my creations. I love doing all that. Pins are the best accessory because you can put them on everything: the pin says who you are, you can customize it as you like.
What’s the best way to wear a pin?
The best way is definitely the classic leather jacket. Also the backpack, t-shirt, skirt, shoes, everywhere. This is the beauty of the pins.

How did you start illustrating? What does this creative outlet allow you to do?

As a child, I had something inside to pull out. I started with watercolors, I painted, drew with pastels. At school, I loved art education, I could not wait to draw. I attended art school for a year but my passion has grown even more from learning alone. I acquired my style over time and today I feel really realized.

Why is the cartoon world better than the world we inhabit?

because the cartoons are part of childhood, good memories and those are the moments. cartons are the thing that makes us imagine, dream, hope, we should always learn something from cartoons

What cartoon character has the best look? Which has influenced your look the most?
My favorites are the Powerpuff Girls! Their look is so cute, I have a soft spot for them and Nickelodeon style. I also love sailor moon, she inspired me so much.
When you illustrate, what do you keep in mind?

When I’m drawing  I turn on the music and start my journey. I assure you my mind is all a mess. I love to take my iPad with, drawing anywhere.  when I am sad, my drawings are more beautiful.

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