A Guide to Jonathan Cheban’s Incredible Twitter Insults

Jonathan Cheban gets a lot of hate on social media. And sometimes, as BuzzFeed recently discovered and catalogued in an incendiary exposé on his mudslinging Twitter tendencies, he fights back.

It turns out the reality star, former publicist, and best friend of Kim Kardashian West is adept at shutting down his haters online using insults that would make any schoolyard bully blush. His Twitter taunts are downright nasty. While it’s obviously never cool to call someone “fat” or “ugly” like he does sometimes, he’s otherwise pretty hilarious when responding to his trolls.

Here’s a list of his most profound and head-scratching insults, culled directly from the recently unearthed tweets.

“how dumb are u trash face lol” — this feat of linguistics was sent in response to a blogger who made the grave mistake of calling Cheban a publicist.

“peasant” — there’s nothing like channelling a 19th-century British monarch to assert your dominance over a stranger online.

“a loser in life” — surely, life is the worst thing you could be a loser in.

“janitor” and/or “errand boy” — BuzzFeed’s digging revealed that Cheban is not exactly a friend to the working man. One of his favorite ways to clap back at trolls is to offer them menial employment while virtually LOL-ing in their faces.

“Ronald McDonald” — well technically, he’s calling someone a potential job applicant for the position of “Ronald McDonald.”

“the spit I walk on” — so gross, but also poetic and evocative.

So next time someone hates on you online, maybe take a cue from Kim K’s bestie and fight fire with fire.

Screenshot via E! Entertainment and YouTube.

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