Joke Of The Day: Finding Your Ex On Tinder


There is nothing worst than a hypocrite.

Now, many of us deal with them on a daily basis, whether it’s the idiot who works next to us and doesn’t have a backbone, our push over friend, or the absolute worst (but no surprise), your ex.

Now, I had a boyfriend for a bit (shocker, I know) and although it didn’t end on the greatest of terms, aka him yelling at me on the phone and me hanging up on him mid-sentence and then blocking his number (why try and hide this fact), I didn’t think it would amount to how it is now. During the relationship him and I would poke fun at dating apps and people who were just out there to get some for the night.


But I thought my ex was different. I genuinely did. And I wanted to change and do things differently. But there was a downside. Probably a red flag. I only wanted to change to please him. Because I knew that whatever I said or did was not enough. I felt the pressure all the time to not be myself.

Case and point during a party that I attended with him after work when I was running on 3 hours of sleep and borderline passing out on the couch. It wasn’t until we got home when he reminded me that if I was going to stay with him, it didn’t matter if I was tired, I had to keep a happy face and socialize with everyone.

I’m joking, right? No, I wish.

Anyway, he used to tell me how dating apps were a scam and for the desperate.


Well, it wasn’t until the other night, actually last night, that I had a few glasses of whiskey and decided to download Tinder for the hell of it. See, dating apps are alright if you don’t take them seriously. It’s pretty comical in fact. You swipe and swipe without wanting any real results.

It’s like a live version picture book filled with boys. And you can pick which ever one you want to read and glance at or not.

So I decided to swipe through and maybe do an article over how irrelevant Tinder is becoming and how I have no idea why people enjoy it, until it happened. My ex’s picture showed up. NYC native. 24. And I didn’t know what to do.

I went from laughing and swiping to frozen and confused. The worst part? Tinder shows how long ago someone was active and for him, it was a minute ago.


Obviously the first thing I did was take a screenshot to send my best friends in order to gain advice on what the f*ck I should actually do. Aka swipe right or left. I knew that if I “liked” his picture then the chances of him finding out would be the equivalent of writing your number on a dollar bill and buying a piece of candy and hoping to see that dollar bill again soon. 50/50.

Or I could reject him and pretend as if I never saw his profile. But I saw it and I couldn’t undo it. So I swiped right and within seconds received a match picture insinuating that he had already liked me and now Tinder found us to be a golden couple.

Well, we all know Tinder is a scam from that alone because I already tried being in a relationship with this person and it was by no means a match.

So I waited a few minutes since I knew he was online, to see if he would say anything. Until I realized something, with the help of my amazing best friends though. And that was how I am done waiting on boys. I am done with boys trying to make me feel like sh*t or even giving them the opportunity to do so.


I realized that by waiting and allowing him to have the chance to cut me down, that was only a pathetic cry from a weak girl. And I don’t have time for that sh*t. And also, I don’t need it. Yes, I downloaded Tinder and so did he, but he had a profile filled out. I only had pictures. He obviously was trying to gain something from Tinder and I only wanted a good laugh.

I deleted my account shortly after though (apologies if you’re on Tinder and wanted to holla at your girl).

But I realized that after the few seconds of being upset, or whatever I was feeling, that there was no winner or loser, or right or wrong. I learned that I need to stop worrying about his opinion and grow a backbone. A backbone that doesn’t allow me to put up with unnecessary bullsh*t from the boys of my past.


It’s times like these when you have to realize all the amazing opportunities you have going on in your life. Right now. And take gratitude and peace in knowing that you’re going to have bumps in life, bad relationships, but you move on.

And if you’re having a hard time seeing that, then I hope you strive with every ounce of your soul to find the things in life that make you happy, because, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

And the sooner you take this to heart and practice it, the sooner you can move on and no one can touch you. Not even your ex on Tinder.

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