It’s A Stella Dress For Johnny And Amber’s Mystical Wedding


OMGalore! Amber Heard is tying the knot next week with everyone’s favorite silver fox, Johnny Depp. The combo of Johnny’s private island, Jack Sparrow himself, and  the modern-day Marilyn Monroe gives us fantasies of pirate weddings and Blue Lagoon style love scenes. The seaside ceremony will include one more vital partner– Stella McCartney. I’m not talking about a polyamorous union, I’m talking about Amber’s mystical and yet unseen wedding gown. Considering Johnny’s serial-fiance status, Amber has to look great enough that all of his exes and fan girls are put to shame. Lucky for Amber, we fancy ourselves wedding planners/ personal stylists, so we’ve gathered the best of Stella gowns to start the marriage off right. Check them out, below.





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