WWJD: Jocelyn Chew’s 5 Tips To The Perfect Tinder Selfie

Model Jocelyn Chew shares with us her knowledge of how to find the perfect match via Tinder by making sure you’ve taken the perfect selfie. This does not guarantee that George Clooney (or whoever’s considered the most good looking person these days) is going respond and sweep your of your Tinder feet. No, but it may better the chances? Check out bombshell Jocelyn advice, assisted by appropriate(ish) GIFs. Check back every week for What Would Jocelyn Do !

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First make sure you have great lighting
Nothing kills a selfie than over exposure or taking a picture in the dark. Try to tap the screen and move around in the light until you have the best lighting.

Make sure you get the best angle
Smiling in your photos always works, but giving a funny face can be cute too! (The Miley :-P).

Make sure you have choices
Take a bunch of photos so you can choose the best one.

Make sure you filter it
My favorite filter is Valencia on Instagram.

Make sure you put an awesome caption
Something witty or funny always works. And don’t forget your hashtags and emojis!
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