5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Jane The Virgin Tonight

Oh, happy day! After two weeks off, Jane The Virgin will be back tonight to clear up your Monday blues. We love this all English telenovela down to the depths of our dramatic cores. We’ll be tuning in early, and eating up every second of the shit-storm that is Jane’s life. Here’s 5 reasons why we can’t wait for the new episode.

1. We cannot handle these rumors any longer. We know Rafael is gonna pop the question, but will Jane accept or not?!


2. Speaking of Rafeal, our hearts have missed his sexy sexy self more than we can handle. Forever praying that our #MCM will have just one teensy ab-flash during the episode!


3. A good dose of Xo wisdom never hurt anyone.


4. It’s basically the best show to get drunk to. The more you drink, the funnier it is! We’ll be making margaritas and popping popcorn to make the show just that much more enjoyable.


5. We’ve binge watched every single episode in the past 2 weeks and need more to satiate our appetite. When oh when will the tangled mess of their crazy ass love lives be sorted out? JK, we don’t want them to sort it out… YET.

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