Boy Next Door Fantasy: JLo’s New Complex Spread Is Inspiring Cougars Everywhere

The Boy Next Door movie promises lots of things. Drama, intrigue, shirtless dudes around every corner, J Lo looking better at 40 than I do in my 20s. This movie is about to be my new spirit guide. I want to be sun kissed and adored like J Lo! I’m a little young to be a cougar (though I did once have a close call with a Tinder suitor who turned out to be 17… his profile said 21) but I have plenty of cute boys next door in my building who I wouldn’t mind getting to know. The movie hasn’t officially opened for us plebeians (even though Tyler Oakley got to see it with J Lo herself), but we have her new Complex magazine spread to serve as an appetizer while we wait. What I’ve gotten from the story is that all it takes to become a goddess of men is the perfect pinky nude lip and a dark smokey eye. I’ll definitely be keeping these pics in mind and using these products when doing my makeup to take out the garbage or get my mail, and maybe soon I’ll be living my own Boy Next Door fantasy.




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