All Hail King Bey-Ferrell: Most Epic Lip Sync Battle

What do you get when you mix together a little Beyoncé with a whole lot of Will Ferrell? Not a cross between Fergie and Jesus, but quite possibly the most hilarious lip-sync performance in the history of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon… so just as epic. Last night, Ferrell battled the mimicking master Fallon, as well as Kevin Hart and he absolutely kills it. If you’re not crying laughing at the end of this, then you may need to reevaluate your life and play Step Brothers until you understand his comedic gift.

From the sexual ground crawling, to his enticing leg shaking, he is feelin’ himself and obviously drunk in love, just hopefully not with Blue Ivy‘s baby daddy.  He even comes dangerously close to nailing Bey’s notorious little swiveling hip dance (you know, that cute little thing she does at 2:32).  Maybe after a little more practice she will realize how badly she needs to take the bootylicious actor on her next tour, I’d pay extra to see him as a backup dancer, without a doubt.  My sincerest apologies to you, Mister Hart, you did the John Legend fans proud, but Will Ferrell-Knowles is a legend that can’t be beat. Look out Jay, Will may be coming for the throne, better keep watch.

“My first song is by the Queen B. The one, the only, Beyonce. Here’s a little Drunk in Love.”

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