Jim From The Office Is Sexy Now, And This Is What Women Should Steal From His Workouts

Jim might have only had eyes for Pam, but he captured the hearts of a thousand young viewers with his sarcastic wit and slacker work ethic. There’s just something about a tall dude in a suit that makes the panties drop, even if that dude works a dead end job at a failing paper supply company. Now, John Krasinski, the actor who gave life to everyone’s favorite Office character, has shed the suit and tie… and he has abs of steel underneath! Not to mention bulging biceps and forearms that make us go “unf.” So just how did Jim get so, well, sexy? He took to Men’s Health to reveal his secrets.

First off, he’s shed his Jim-ish exterior to become John, a bearded, buff actor slated to play a Navy SEAL in the upcoming movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.” Krasinski followed an NFL level training regime to get the body that would make the role believable. Krasinski himself said it was “brutal,” but no pain, no gain, right? Dudes, listen up. Here’s exactly what he did to become every girl’s dream guy in just four months. And girls? You can use his work out routine as well, with slight modifications unless you’re looking to get bulky. 

Dragging sleds: You might not know, but dragging sleds is exactly what it sounds like. You get a heavy sled and a strong rope to tie it around your midsection. Then, you run. Boom, abs of steel!

Bulgarian split squats: Leaving one foot on the bench and one on the floor, you bend at the knees while holding weights. Makes the thighs strong and hard.

Bench presses: Ladies, you’ll probably want to skip this one. Dudes, you know what to do.

Photos via Men’s Health

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