Ash vs. Evil Dead Star Jill Marie Jones Talks Blood, Guts, And Girl Power

For the past couple of months, actress Jill Marie Jones has been enrolled in the University of Blood.  As one of the leading ladies of Starz’s new series ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead,’ Jones, who plays badass Michigan State Trooper Amanda Fisher, has become incredibly intimate with the infinite variations of film gore. 

Whether you’ve already watched every episode or are saving the series for the next time you and your friends need a good scare, we talked to the powerful actress about what it was like to work on the next chapter of the iconic series, which just got renewed for a second season.  


So tell me about your new series ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’.

Well, I’m really excited about it and you know, I kind of don’t want to say continuation, but it kind of is, and I’m really excited about it. 

My character is Amanda Fisher, I play a Michigan State Trooper.  Bad ass, doesn’t like the word no, in fact I don’t even think the word no is in her vocabulary, but she fights for good.  And something happens on a routine stop, in some crazy Evil Dead fashion, and it changes her whole trajectory and her whole path.  And Ash’s name keeps popping up in these scenarios, and so she’s like, ‘I’m after Ash’, and she’s on the trail.

Have you always been a fan of horror, or is this like new, scary territory for you?

Oh no no no no no.  I tell people all the time, my mother would watch the show even if I wasn’t on it because it is up our dark dirty road.  We looveee this genre.  We love it.

So what’s your favorite horror movie?

Okay, it’s changed like, in the last say, five years, but right now it’s The Strangers with Liv Tyler.  Like that movie whhew, that movie was like mmmmhm.  But you know, growing up, of course I grew up on Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, I mean Halloween

Such a classic

Yeah.  Classic.  That’s what I grew up on.  And also, The People Under The Stairs too – am I saying that right? 

I don’t know.  I’ve never heard of that.

Oh it’s an old, old movie.  Like the people under the stairs were like this normal family, or at least they looked normal, and then they would kidnap you and put you in this chamber under the stairs.  But they look like, you know, June Cleaver – like the Beavers.  Like 1950s happy, baking pies and stuff, but they were wackos. 


Now I know the series is being billed as a horror/comedy.  Do you think we’re gonna laugh more or scream more?

I think you’re gonna scream more.  The thing is, I think sometimes when people think comedy, they think of a sitcom, or whatever their reference of comedy means to them. 

Nurse Jackie is a comedy, technically, but I don’t look at it like a comedy.  I look at it like a witty drama, and I think of us as a witty drama.  It’s funny, for sure.  Bruce campbell is amazing and witty, but you’re gonna scream and you’re gonna be scared and you’re gonna see a lot of blood, so I think sometimes when people say comedy, whatever their their reference of that is where they go to, but this is not a sitcom by no stretch of the imagination

So when we watch it, we should probably do it with the lights on?

That’s not fun. 

It depends on your definition of the word fun. 

That’s not how you get the good dreams at night.  The good dreams come from the dark. 


without giving too much away, what’s the worst thing that happens to your character?

I don’t know worst thing, but what i will say is I feel like I went to the University of Blood. 

I feel like I know different types of blood.  Didn’t know different types of blood before, now I know. The thick blood, the sticky blood, the blood when it’s light outside and it’s daytime, that kind of blood.  I know the blood you use when it’s dark – that kind of blood.  I know the type of blood that goes into your mouth and tastes sweet, because it’s corn syrup, that kind of blood. 

And how many people can say that?

I know.  Who has degrees in that?  Well, Ash vs. Evil Dead people do.

All photos were taken by Brooke Mason and appear curtesy of Jill Marie Jones.  

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