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The only accessories I rock are Chris Habana creations. I have a feeling it’s gonna stay that way forever. I’m normally cautious of all things spiky because I talk with my hands (I am Italian and I support this stereotype) and will harm a subway passenger and/or myself. The number of times I’ve ruined a laptop/iPhone and threw a drink on a first date is one of my few talents. But it’s totally worth rocking some Chris Habana because SOMETHING SPECIAL HAPPENS each and every time as a result of his magical head-turners . It’s like my inner Sasha Fierce or whatever comes out. And she is one fearless femme fatale! Like, I could wear a velour jumpsuit paired with crocs and then throw on, say, a Ball N’ Chain nose cuff (as you’ll see then droll over below) and I’m suddenly street style photographer gothic gold. That is proof of Habana’s insane talent, folks. There was this one time at Fashion Week where I never left the apt without wearing my fave Chris Habana necklace which is basically a creepy eyeball kicking it inside red sparkling pillowy lips. I received several a compliment from the likes of Beth Ditto, Kate Bosworth, and even Paris Hilton. *Hair flip* Meanwhile, Habana’s fans have included everyone from BJORK to Santigold to Rihanna, in addition to being a favorite for every club kid below 14th Street. He’s also a super cool guy and enjoys pre-English accent Madonna and shouts out Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake” as one of his favorite music videos of all time. Anyway, Galore caught up with crazily creative designer about his uh-mazing goth pop gems and a lot of other shit that will result in an imminent Chris Habana crush.


Hi! Tell me about what you’re currently working on and exciting future projects. 
I’ve been steadily categorizing the groups of the various collections we do.  Instead of making pieces season specific, I just want to make different groupings. I debuted a proper Men’s line for Fall/Winter 2013. I’m kinda excited about that.  So now, there’s CHRISHABANA, CHRISHABANA MEN’S, AND MY ENEMY.  Yay!  Aside from that, I have been collaborating with other brands/shops and developing them so that should be coming soon.
Favorite karaoke song?
I used to be the guy that had a “staple” song but now I tend to go with my gut and just do things that are fun.

Favorite album cover art of all time?
Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. I based a capsule collection off of it.  Coming soon….
Nice! If you could raid your style icon’s closet, who would it be what would you take?
Not necessarily his closet, but I’d love to raid Walter Van Bierendonck’s sample room, especially the archives….oh, and his closet too.

What would you name your memoir?
Trial and Error with Glitter.
Favorite music videos?
Oh wow.  Okay, there’s the Scissor Sister’s “Invisible Light” unedited video…so great and totally Dario Argento.  Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake”, which is the best tribute to Bob Fosse that I’ve ever seen.  Madonna’s “Justify My Love” – that video gets better and better every time I see it.  Bjork always slays it when it comes to videos, but her “Wanderlust” video is exceptional.
What’s your most played song on iTunes?
“Age of Consent” by New Order.

Where do you shop in NYC? 
I rarely shop. These days I do trades with other designers, which is awesome for me as they are so talented.  BCalla, Daniel Palillo, Gypsy Sport, and Zana Bayne are some examples. But when I shop, it’s more than often thrift and vintage.  I go to About Glamour or 10 Ft. Single in Williamsburg.
Who is the Chris Habana customer?
Alex, you know better than to ask me that…Ha! Well, I always say anyone that responds to my pieces is more than welcome to wear them.  However, I normally design my pieces with the outsider in mind — outcasts and misfits are always welcome at CHRISHABANA and MY ENEMY.

Favorite shoot that featured your jewelry?
Well, I always love the images that Dom Smith comes up with when he shoots my lookbooks.  He’s really talented.  But in terms of press stuff, my Cage Crystal Earrings were photographed on Santigold for Dazed and Confused.  That was pretty cool just because she actually owns those earrings and just wore it to the shoot that day.

Top 3 favorite CH pieces. Ever!
The CHRISHABANA Parasite Ring
The CHRISHABANA Incision Cuff
The MY ENEMY Ball N’ Chain Nose Cuff
You’ve been in NYC awhile, right? Where could we spot you getting your party on ten years ago? How about five years?
I’ve been in NYC since 2000. Hmm, it’s hard to find my fave party spot 10 years ago because I was living with my boyfriend at the time and we stayed home a lot. But even then I never missed Body and Soul. That party was the best.  All about dancing.  I mean, people would show up in sweats and stretch on the dance floor before going at it.  My favorite spot around 4 or 5 years ago has to be the Blvck America parties.  And these days, my studio is the best place to party!!! Come down!
Where do you find inspiration for your line the most in NYC?
My friends.  Walking around.  My neighborhood is the best.  Especially Saint Marks. You can eat, shop, play, all of it there.

Where do you see yourself in let’s say 10 years? Most importantly – WHEN can we get a CH clothing line!!
That’s a loaded question. I feel like if I put it on paper, I will need to make it happen….I think if I would ever get back into clothing (yes, I did digital printed womenswear between 2004 and 2007) I would make menswear.  Aside from that, it would be really awesome to translate some of my jewelry into larger scale pieces and sculptures.


The CHRISHABANA Parasite Ring

The CHRISHABANA Parasite Ring



The CHRISHABANA Incision Cuff


The MY ENEMY Ball N’ Chain Nose Cuff


All photography by Dom Smith!

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