The Next Time You Need To Mass Produce Fancy Jell-O Shots, Just Call Jevo

If you’ve ever made Jell-O shots, you know just how much work goes in to the college party staple shot. The overwhelming smell of the Jell-O powder, the sheer amount of space the gelling shots take up in your refrigerator, and the HOURS it takes for the shots to solidify. Okay, so clearly this is a First World Problem, but still, wouldn’t it be nice if there was some easier way to turn your party up to the next level?

Introducing, Jevo AKA the Keurig of Jell-O shots.

Just like Keurig, Jevo uses proprietary “pods” of gelatin mix that with the push of a button can churn out 20 shots in a matter of 10 minutes. It’s also Wi-Fi enabled, sports a touchscreen, and can make chilled shots and custom cocktails to boot. With flavors ranging from classic cherry to the fancier tastes of pina colada and margarita, Jevo is every frat boy and party girl’s dream.

Jevo isn’t on the market yet, and isn’t even being marketed for at-home use, but it’s obvious this is destined to be a status symbol accessory for all those wealthy college students out there and not a staple at bars and party planning companies. If you think you have what it takes (by which we obviously mean $$) to take your partying to the next level, you can visit Jevo’s website to get yourself on their pre-order list.

Sure, K-Kups are horrible for the environment, but in the pursuit of party, environmental responsibility fades faster than social inhibitions do.  A little party never hurt nobody, right?

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