Jessie Andrews’ Sex Tips: 6 Ways To Seduce Your Best Girlfriend

Pornstar and DJ Jessie Andrews gave us her finest tips on how to bed your best friend. Now, this is not guaranteed to work , but it might, so either way we’re not responsible for you following Jessie’s advice. Thanks. Enjoy.


You think your friends are really your friends? Are they down for anything? Sharing straws. Borrowing clothes. Trading blowjob tips. Being the third wheel on a Tinder date because sometimes it’s a little sketchy. Stalking your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Being honest no matter how much of a bitch you’may be. Here are some tips to get your bestie in the bed. Oh, and on a music note, I almost had a seizure listening to James Blake’s new album. But it also made me want to touch myself. You’ve been warned Kittens.

1. Alcohol
Get some alcohol in her system. I’m pretty sure that’s how 80% of girl in girl action happens for the first time anyways, right?


2. Pamper her.
Give her everything her heart desires. Then let her know it’s your turn.


Put on some classic 90’s R&B, light some candles and set out the massage oil…


4. Compliments
Tell her how beautiful she is and charm your way into her heart, then her panties.


5. Secret Weapon
Break out the ‘Hitachi Magic Wand’ and tell her she’ll never have to deal with heartbreak again.


6. Direct
Be straight forward and just tell her you want to f*** her.


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