Jessie Andrews’s Sex Tips: 5 Tips to Making a Girl Squirt

Pornstar and DJ Jessie Andrews gave us her finest tips for how to make a girl squirt. Now, making a girl squirt is apparently really hard but following Jessie’s tips will help you achieve this effortlessly, but it might not for whatever reason, so either way we’re not responsible for you following Jessie’s advice. But do follow it. Thanks. Enjoy. And thanks again. And Jessie you’re so awesome.


Squirting is one of the most controversial subjects in sex. Is it pee? Is it water? Is it a magical juice that comes out of your vagina when you’re mind is on another level? Who knows. How do you make a girl squirt? Who knows. Everyone is different, but here’s how I think it works:

Drink lots of water (majority of people think squirt is pee. So you don’t want it to be yellow when it’s spraying out of a that magic realm on your white sheets, right?). I’m serious, enough water that you think you’re going to explode.


There are certain sex positions that can hit the g-spot.
-Missionary with the booty lifted.
-Missionary with your legs in a pike up in the air.
-Cowgirl tribbing (ladies on top riding front to back).
-Reverse cowgirl if you’re feeling like nothing else works.


I can never stress enough how much you mentally need to be into what you’re doing. If you’re not it will never work.


Once you’ve been turned on and fucked, the g-spot is way more sensitive. Easier to find. Easier to trigger. The “come here” finger trick can now be put to proper use.


In all honesty, majority of times I’ve squirted are when I’ve used a vibrator. Specifically the hitachi magic wand (also a good back massager)! But don’t use it too much or you will desensitize yourself.


You are one of the chosen ones if you can squirt. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Like when you’ve been holding your pee in for hours and finally get to go.


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