Jessie Andrews’ Sex Tips: 10 Tips For Foreplay

Pornstar and DJ Jessie Andrews gave us her finest tips for foreplay. Now, this is pretty much guaranteed to make sex way sexier, but it might not for whatever reason, so either way we’re not responsible for you following Jessie’s advice. But do follow it. Thanks. Enjoy. And thanks again. And Jessie you’re so awesome.


MAYBE I’M A SLUT OR SOMETHING but I usually get straight to f***ing. Foreplay to me is texting and hanging out. But if I were to get some real foreplay action, this is what I’d do.

1. Wash your goodies. No one likes smelly parts.

2. Don’t be a never-nude. Get naked.

3. Be confident. Your body language and attitude will show if you’re scared or not into it.

4. Don’t stay in one position longer than 30 seconds. Foreplay doesn’t last that long.

5. Tease them, whether it be touching, kissing, grabbing, scratching.

6. Be aggressive, not violent.

7. Just the tip: best tip ever. [this gif does not demonstrate a tip, but a credit card is close enough]

8. Try something new: licking ears, biting lips.

9. Make sure everything is wet. SPIT SPIT SPIT.

10. Talk dirty and don’t talk about past f***s or emotions.

Then you get to the awkward moment, asking if there’s a condom.

To be continued…


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