Steal Model Jessica Lee Buchanan’s Relaxed Tomboy Style

Models have the most amazing style. Perhaps they soak it up just by working close with fashion’s heavy hitters. Or, maybe it’s because all those designer connects pay off. Free swag anyone? If you look at the paparazzi pics from Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week, you’ll notice one thing: The girls showing off next season’s ready-to-wear on the runway are the same girls who are showing us how to look cool right now, only on the sidewalk.

South African beauty and globe trotter Jessica Lee Buchanan is no exception to the “models always look chic and we want to steal their style” rule. Buchanan describes herself as a cross between a tomboy and a gypsy. She’s a die hard for sexy comfort, and practically has a jeans-and-tee uniform, but she knows when, and how, to step her game up.

“When I go on castings, I like keeping it simple: ripped black skinnys, white or grey shirt and an awesome but uncomfortable pair of heels!” She said. “Since becoming a model I’ve learned that the simple things are better,” Buchanan said. Looking back at her pre-modeling days she says, “I cringe at the thought of my style three years ago! My vibe is always changing, but I’ve definitely learned how to put an outfit together!” This just proves that even the best-dressed in the world are embarrassed of how they dressed as teens. Like a good wine, style gets better with age, once one has the chance to explore who she really is and how she wants to express it.

But if she had to choose only one brand to wear for the rest of her life, there’s no hesitation. Buchanan loves the vintage inspired South African brand Spell, which perfectly reflects her world-wanderer spirit. All she needs is those dresses, and one more thing: “An awesome pair of cowboy boots!” Even better if the looks feature Buchanan’s surprising favorite trend of the moment: “Tassels! I’ve always loved them but there were never many of them around, but now they’re everywhere!” That’s her inner bohemian coming out.

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