Jessica Alba’s New Honest Beauty App Is Seriously Awesome

Lazy girls rejoice! Jessica Alba recently launched a new makeup app surrounding her brand Honest Beauty where you can try out all of her latest beauty products from the comfort of your own bed. This new mobile app provides a platform in which you are able to shop all the latest Honest Beauty products, while also testing them out by uploading a selfie while the technology picks up your facial features and applies the various makeup looks to your picture.

The app is easy to navigate, simple and effective. The genius idea behind trying it before you buy it allows more viewers to look further into her products and learn more about them in an interactive way. The app is laid out in a simple way, with various categories such as “Shop”, “Bundles” and “Looks”. In the Shop tab, this is where you are able to purchase beauty products directly off the app itself. The Bundles section allows you to buy suggested groupings of the beauty products as well as has Jessica herself explain the products in short videos and tutorials. And of course, the most fun part is where you get to try on all the makeup looks yourself! Simply upload a selfie and then choose from the various looks, which include Sunny, Chic, Daring, and Glam.

Download the Honest Beauty app here and try it out for yourself.

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