Jesse Boykins III Wants You To Love The One You’re With

We have been in love with Jesse Boykins III soulful sound for a while now and his latest work is proof that our heart has been in the right place. He recently released a video for his song ‘Our Tonight is Mine,’ off his Love Apparatus album that is out now (and that we play in our office on repeat). The video, which was shot in Los Angeles, was also written and directed by Jesse himself. Boykins is a multifaceted performer and artist who knows a thing or two about love, adapting to new environments, and the balance between male and female energies. Our conversation with him left us with a lot of food for thought so check out his wisdom below.


All Photos By Andy Koh


So tell me about ‘Our Tonight Is Mine.’ What premise is the song coming from?

The song is a little dark, for the desperation that can be in romance. But really, most of what’s behind this song was that often people just want to be seen and sometimes they feel that’s more important than romance and relationships. Sometimes people just want to be out there. But the point here, is that it is more important to be intimate. You can find that same magic with the one you’re with. The setting of the car speaks to the intimacy and the spontaneity and the connection of leaving the rest of the night behind and just being two people.

And you created this film for the song.  

Yes, for the intentions with my video work (because I create all of it, even if I don’t direct it, I create the concepts or co-produce all of it); so my intentions were such that even if you press pause on the song, you are still getting the same emotional experience. I want the things that I do to be interactive visually and emotionally, not just through sound.


How much of your background (growing up in Chicago, Miami, and Jamaica, now living in New York) affects your intentions in music, not just with Love Apparatus but overall?

I think its human nature to reflect on your past and the major influences in your past life. And if you’re true to who you are and what your background is, the work and the life will reflect that. And so I think, instinctively, empirically, my work reflects my upbringing in Chicago and Miami and Jamaica and living in New York. From my life and my experiences, all of these things have exposed me to having to adapt to situations and environments. I had to learn how to be a part of new places and that developed me in being more thoughtful about connecting and connectivity.

So what’s next for you? What are you creating next?

Right now, I’m working on a book of poems. And I also make handbags and accessories, and clothing. I’m constantly creative, and reflective. I like to find the balance in things, the equilibrium. For example, I like making clothes that embrace the masculine and feminine. And that’s something that I’m always doing and always will be doing.


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